The Left’s Childlike Mentality: America as the Daycare State

Modern-day liberals have a child-like mentality.  As if living by the book All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, liberals believe in the virtues of sharing and never fighting – values codified as Marxism and pacifism, respectively. But the leftists’ “revolutionary” pre-pubescent point of view goes well beyond cutesy naïveté: it will be the source of economic and military ruin if their temper tantrum is allowed to continue.

Time for the liberals to go to time out.

What kindergartners don’t get, in similar fashion as the liberal view of the economy, is that those Smurf figurines didn’t just get there themselves.  They were made in China, apparently by our mommy state who gives us neat toys and what libs think is a hefty allowance. Liberals can’t quite fathom that one day the country needs to give the money back. Bless their hearts, they haven’t quite learned the value of money yet.

If only we could make leftists mow lawns to pay back part of the national debt, they might show a little restraint with the federal credit card.

Liberals do not recognize that human dignity in an adult requires autonomy and personal responsibility. These concepts are alien to the liberal, who views society as an agent for molding and manipulating individuals, like a state-licensed teacher does with children in a kindergarten. Adulthood is therefore a contrived and unnecessary social construction; individuality is a characteristic of a bully or an alienated loner who just needs a hug.

When people are coddled by their depression-surviving parents and sheltered by a post-FDR government the way the baby boomers have been, it’s no surprise that they think the entire country should be run like a daycare. The scary thing is that these kids who never grew out of the Age of Aquarius have almost complete control of our government, and creativity and imagination are their only bounds! Our economy is unsurprisingly becoming one giant circle time, where millions of service workers finger paint in exchange for monopoly money while lawyers and bureaucrats draw elaborate crayon pictures under the color of law and post them on the nation’s refrigerator at the federal register.

It’s almost like these intellectuals have never asked themselves the question: Under socialism, who fixes the toilets? Why, it’s that creepy janitor guy.  You mean if we actually do away with capitalism and have full equality the community might want me to use that…toilet snake? The only kind of snakes I like are on animal planet! Ewww!

The left’s fairy-land reading of economics is even more dangerous when applied to the world arena, where it is combined with the notion of pacifism (exempting Democrat teachers, of course). Liberals conflate the beliefs of their own social circle with those of foreign leaders and rulers, attributing them “good intentions” because they display the same paternalistic impulses they see in themselves.  As unruly as they are emotionally, they have no problem with “strong men” daddy figures.  Lacking “boundaries,” they respond well to discipline.

Their warped view of economy is also shifted over to world affairs, where the source of all social ills is relative deprivation.  If everything is made “fair” and everyone gets the same action figure or Barbie doll, then there will be nothing to fight about.  Obviously, liberals don’t take ideas very seriously, since they blow off Islam as the belief of “misunderstood” Muslim kids. If we just welcome them, maybe include them in some kickball games (no score-keeping, of course), they might just learn to like us.

By extension,”hate crimes” legislation is a way of making sure everyone plays nice and no one says anything to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Equal opportunity is the idea that there should be no “favoritism.”

P.J. O’Rourke once wrote: “Imagine if all of life were determined by majority rule. Every meal would be a pizza.” And if the left had its druthers, everyone would get only one slice.

When a Constitutional Republic devolves to democracy, every election becomes a popularity contest, and public policy is devoid of the concept of scarcity. That is why liberals loathe Ronald Reagan and conservatives deem him untenable to mimic in the current political climate: He was like the parent who said “no” to the child-like voters who demanded more and more goodies. And even Reagan had to cave and dole out a few jelly beans to the left at times.

Although we can look to Obama to solve our problems, much like a child looks to a parent to get us out of a jam, we must look to ourselves. As a nation if we can clean up our room and show a little personal responsibility, that is a great first step towards returning a stable economy. If we can get back that shining entrepreneurial spirit by at least allowing kids to run their own lemonade stands, that would go a heck of a long way towards renewing our prosperity.


7 thoughts on “The Left’s Childlike Mentality: America as the Daycare State

  1. Thanks Rogue, nice piece! To bad it came a day before mine otherwise I could assume you lifted some ideas… Wait… ohh, nevermind 😉

    I was thinking about the whining baby that demands to get its own way. Oblivious to its own ignorance while reading. This is a problem I have seen in real work environments and I have codified it as one of the greatest shortcomings of people in our society. There is this deeply seeded fear of being over-ruled or contradicted based purely in insecurity in the human brain. I often feel it creep into my thoughts when I do something outside my area of expertise and I have to consciously push it back. Often vocalizing my ignorance to the group on the topic. Like writing. This disarms most people looking to foster my downfall in the competitive world we live in. Only the truly arrogant and narcissists of the world will not admit any shortcomings. Often they blame others in an attempt to pass the buck. Remind you of anybody? Yes, Obama to a Tee. So long ago the days when Bush would humbly and truthfully poke fun at his own shortcomings of which there were many.

    This reminds me of the playground as a child where many of us learned that the brief respite passing the buck allows us. It is always short lived as we realize the consequences of such ignorance and the children see we were wrong. It is truly a coddled child who never learns this lesson. has a good post on this and we can remember the Asian ‘Tiger Mom’ who dared to give us westerners some advice earlier this year How about the backlash to this book? I would suggest the people offended should practice in the above mentioned childhood lesson that President Zero seems to have also missed.

    Although being willing to compromise or being confident enough to endorse a co-workers advice at first may seem an admission of ignorance; in the end the work at hand will be a better product. Often when I am in a supervisory roll I will give my co-workers the chance to ‘find’ what I already know from experience, or to try things I have never thought of. These leadership qualities help foster trust and confidence in those who actually do the real work and they will be loyal to you for it. Sometimes they may even pass you by but I am happy for them if they do. Only in my experience with corrupt crony union shops has this bit me before.

    “Depression Parents” This is a great axiom that leftist history writers will fail to mention as they document the times we live in today. It is the cancer that has led to spoiled children never knowing what it is like to struggle. Not unlike our welfare state where generations are hooked on cradle to grave security in the form of sloth beggars. Those ‘privileged’ middle class children used their study time to protest wearing bra’s willingly allowing themselves to feel ‘enlightened’ in their own fiefdoms of ignorance. When jobs dry up they instantly look to daddy government for answers and have no understanding of choice or consequences. Ignorance is bliss till one day you must realize your legacy is ensuring poverty for your own children. This, as you point out Rogue, realization is just now hitting the majority of Americans; Democrat and Republican alike because there is plenty of blame for both.

    It starts with the parents and is developed on the playground as children learn how to interact with other humans. Trust, consequences, self responsibility are all perfected by our children in little sand boxes with toys representing capital and investment. Now baby boomers have removed all the sharp edges and passed these traits to the next generation. Protecting their own child from any valuable life lesson of consequence. Keeping score of a game is now considered ‘bullying’ to the losers. Children intimidate the last few good teachers with fear of retaliation. Teachers themselves belong to a union where the heard protects the proletariat and any self initiative is condemned as heresy, leaving the out-liar abandoned to the wolves, group-think sets in. I remember taking Calculus and some couldn’t grasp it, as I struggle with linear algebra for some reason. The cop-out always was; ‘Well, I can always become a math teacher’ The irony of this never hit me till recently as our children struggle with math. Heck, I am a good teacher and I couldn’t teach these people math. Too bad their parents convinced them that mowing lawns for a living is beneath Americans today… Now McDonald’s and Finish Carpentry is getting the same stigma. Eg: I worked as a finish carpenter in Boston while attending college and I was paid very well. In the ’90’s $50/hr was expected, but today it is $10 and guess what? The work is done exclusively by government subsidized illegals aliens now, not just because kids don’t want to do it anymore. Because you can’t live off that without breaking the law. Tell you what, I would pay $.75 more for a pint of blueberries if I knew some unemployed American picked them. I digress…

    This IS the time to get mad. This is the time where we decide if we, as a nation, fade into the history book as another Renaissance Empire of missed opportunities. This IS the time to throw off our elitist betters and refuse to decline into mediocrity. We can do this. I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore. I just walked out of the rain talking to myself Punks are running wild in London Damn-it! You’ve got to get MAD!

    I humbly submit my post related to this:

    Thanks Rogue!

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