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August 25, 2011


The Oracle of Obama Hosts Capitalist Last Supper for America’s Socialist Messiah

by RogueOperator

Billionaire Democrat bankroller Warren Buffett is hosting a $38,500 a plate fundraiser to get Obama re-elected and thus ensure the death of free market capitalism in America. Consider it a capitalist last supper for the socialist messiah Barrack Obama.

Why a fabulously wealthy investment wizard would conspire with ardent leftists to undermine the economic system that made him a fortune is a bit of a mystery for most. But billionaires in America are more prevalently voting with their wallets for market fascism over market capitalism.

While President Bush was rambling how he had to abandon free market principles in order to save the free market system, as if the shambles of that virtually non-existent economic system caused the mortgage backed securities meltdown, President Obama was coasting to victory on the easy winds of fawning corporate media coverage after being fueled by the highest presidential campaign fundraising in every single economic “sector” imaginable.

By all accounts, candidate Obama was a radical.  It was no secret for anyone who spent five minutes going outside of the mainstream media information bubble to delve into his presumably ghost-written biographies, his political experience in Illinois, and his voting record in the U.S. Senate.  No one with a bit of sense could confuse Obama for a moderate, let alone supposed titans of industry.  How could so many rich elites be “fooled”?

The point is that they weren’t “fooled.” Despite popular confusion stemming from economic illiterate lefties’ conflation of corporatism and free market capitalism, most billionaires don’t like open markets.  In fact, many want to close off opportunities for competitors who could potentially cut into their market share by having their government cronies tax and regulate uppity businesses to death.

Thus we have Warren Buffett, a man who recently called for billionaires and millionaires to pay their fair share of taxes, stashing money in his “charitable” foundation.  This scheme of sheltering fortunes from taxation is extremely common today and continues a trend going back at least to John D. Rockefeller, whose anti-individualist apparition can be seen today in the Rockefeller Foundation. We have Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, an actual campaign adviser and major donor to the Obama campaign, who once announced he planned to “remain at the forefront of the government relations team’ (it doesn’t get any more Atlas Shrugged than that). Bill Gates is now no better, after being bullied endlessly by statists with those most arbitrary of laws  – “anti-trust” legislation. George Soros’ infernal machinations hardly need elaboration.

It is crucial to note that the bad behavior of these billionaires is predicated on the immoral use of state force, which corrupts the entire economy.  Anything more than a modicum of taxation and anything less than the most transparent rule of law leads to businesses taking the path of least resistance, finding it more cost effective to hire lobbyists and lawyers rather than managers and engineers.

Inevitably, corruption spreads until it infects the entire body politic, as Cicero related.  Eventually, it becomes mandatory for anyone entering public life to have some dirt on them, just in case one should decide to get all ‘dignified’ on the establishment. The nation goes into lockdown when power- and rent-seeking becomes so pervasive, there can be no neutral.  “You are either for us, or against us,” could be the Democrat Party motto.

Today, any billionaire who decides not to play ball and promotes free markets is sure to get the Alinsky treatment: endless media ridicule, and perhaps even a calling out by politicians to explain how their corporation promotes “the public good.” Thus the ridiculous demonization of the Koch brothers, whose defiance of the statist consensus has earned them a starring role in all manner of conspiracies – from playing a part in the JFK assassination to staging Roswell.

In this light, the Oracle of Obama’s behavior can be somewhat understood. Warren Buffett’s buffet for the Obama administration is an offer of allegiance to the government godfather who allows him to keep some of his wealth.  Apple-glazed pork and Cobb salad is a small price to pay for a continued life of luxury.

Joseph Stalin once sneered that communists would sell capitalists the rope they would use to hang themselves. But who knew the rope would come in the form of linked sausages?

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  1. Blind Eye Jones
    Aug 25 2011

    Rogue, you’re too prolific — you’re going to burn out at this pace. I appreciate the articles but, to be honest, I don’ have the time to read it all. I don’ know how you can do it. Good luck.


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