No Cash for Commies:100 Execs Sign Petition Boycotting Campaign Contributions

From The Hill:

Starbucks chief Howard Schultz’s petition for CEOs to boycott giving to politicians may be picking up steam — and could hurt Democrats.

Schultz has called on major donors to stop giving to political campaigns “until the Congress and the president return to Washington and deliver a fiscally, disciplined long-term debt and deficit plan to the American people” and “stop the partisan gridlock,” he told CNN.

More than 100 CEOs have signed the petition since it began last week. That may be bad news for Democrats: Some of the biggest names on the list have mostly supported Democrats in the past.

Of Schultz’s $183,000 in campaign contributions since 1994, just $1,000 went to Republicans.

Other CEOs on the list include AOL’s Tim Armstrong, Whole Foods’s Walter Robb, Zipcar’s Scott Griffith, Frontier Communications’s Maggie Wilderotter and Intuit’s Bill Campbell. Of that list, only Wilderotter has made any donations to Republicans, while the others, especially Robb and Griffith, have donated substantial sums to Democrats over the years.

Guess they won’t be on the last capitalist supper’s guest list.


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