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August 17, 2011


Collectivism on the March

by RogueOperator

No less than ‘world government’ is the goal of leftists and their corporatist allies, who are working together to break down all barriers to a global oligarchy that presides over the fate of mankind. The tactics of the leftists and the corporatists are not at odds with one another, but are actually complementary: they are a tandem grinding up all resistance to omnipotent government.

Under the rubric of “global governance,” several agendas hostile to human freedom are being implemented. A veneer of altruism and human rights, which are always collective rights and never individual rights, masks a longer-term view to consolidate as much power as possible in the hands of relatively few dominant world bodies.

This point of view may be dismissed by realists schooled in such texts as The Peloponnesian War and The Federalist Papers, who believe that self-interest and state-centric designs on power trump and irreparably frustrate any such collectivist aims.  But it is my view that a fundamental change in international relations has occurred since the advent of The Cold War: the presence of Mutually Assured Destruction among great powers has led to what John Lewis Gaddis termed a “long peace” marked by relatively low-level war and the absence of great power or world war.

Counter-intuitively, the reduction of tensions after a prolonged period of nuclear stand-off, and the coming to grips of powers with the reality of a nuclear-armed world has led to two associated phenomena: the proliferation of state subversion as an alternative to direct military conflict among great powers, led at the forefront decades ago by the KGB and followed by the Chinese and now, the Islamists; and the building up of “global governance” institutions, which are employed to undermine the self-interest of targets and redirect power towards aspiring oligarchs using ideological manipulation and mass communications.

The resulting chaos of manipulation by the power elite has an intrinsic logic to it, once one can get beyond the media haze of temporal fetishism and non-analysis to grasp the historical pattern. Leftists manipulate and assault societies, leading them to self-immolation through cultural and moral relativism, and denature capitalist economies using the welfare state apparatus. Corporatists amass wealth using central bank fiat and state privilege, notably in the form of ecofascism, waiting in the wings to scoop up the assets of their less well-connected and more illiquid prey, who are are crushed by ever-more-burdensome taxes and regulations after they are duped into unsound expansion prior to monetary-inflationary busts. Welfare statism, democracy, and central banking are vitally connected, as the Obama administration’s recent backlash against the Fed-threatening Rick Perry belies.

An important theoretical backdrop is needed to grasp the significance of recent events that strongly support this outlook.  These will be covered for sake of brevity in rapid-fire succession.

The Marxist Immanuel Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory charts the rise of capitalism in the modern world, and holds that there is a “core,” a “semi-core,” a “periphery,” and a “hinterlands” in world economics.  This theory is particularly significant in light of influential Harvard professor Thomas Barnett‘s military advice to integrate what he terms the Non-Integrated Gap with the Functioning Core. Barnett’s seemingly pro-capitalist language is given light by notorious global collectivist George Soros‘ stated agenda to utilize such presumably capitalist agencies as the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank to foster trade and economic interdependence.

Furthermore, one should be aware of the obscure writings of verifiably prescient KGB defector Anatoly Golytsyn, who warned of the KGB grand strategy of “universal convergence” in an ultimately world communist regime.  The nature of the regime the KGB (basically, now the FSB) safeguarded in the past should give all of us pause; and it would be remiss to not point out that numerous ex-KGB still fill the Kremlin, including “prime minister” Vladimir Putin.

It should be noted here that Marx and Lenin both recognized the necessity of capitalist development and international trade to promote world communism. Quoting Robert Gilpin in War & Change in World Politics:

“Although capitalist economies had an incentive to colonize the world, they also have an incentive to develop it, as Marx and Lenin fully appreciated. […] It was precisely for this reason that nineteenth-century Marxists regarded capitalist imperialism, despite its many crimes, as ultimately progressive and a necessary step to the emancipation of the human race from poverty and millennia of stagnation…” (142)

Gilpin also writes a very apt line that will help synthesize and compress the argument:

“Communist societies do not eliminate the profit motive; rather they put it in the hands of the state (Hawtrey, 1952, p. 149). The desire of a communist political elite to maximize the power and wealth of the state can dwarf the capitalist profit motive.” (ibid., 84)

The leftists and corporatists act akin to a global communist team; and if one is familiar with critical theory, the neomarxist concept of threat diffusion by breaking down one’s political agenda into separate and perhaps even seemingly conflicting agendas and interest groups, this appears to be intended.  As of late, several globalist billionaire magnates are the personification of this argument: George Soros, Dominic Strauss-Kahn, (multi-multi-millionaire) Al Gore, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates  Marc Zuckerberg – all for one reason or another (including state bullying) toe the radical leftist line. And it should be noted, one way or another, these people tend not to pay “their fair share” of taxes.

The key to the left’s agenda to radically transform the planet into an amoral mess with docile subjects is democracy. Democracy leads to mob warfare among interest groups, and the government benefits from this internal fighting by justifying state arbitration; the government grows its power until societies collapse, and then the police state can intervene and impose its will on an exhausted and compliant people. In tandem with this is economic collapse, ushered in by a central bank that devalues the currency, leading eventually to hyper-inflation, economic crisis, and a people who want the government to “do something” to fix the economy and to put bread on their plate.

Democracy and central banking are thus the vital institutions of the globalist movement. Both should be trenchantly opposed. But it should be noted that “democracy” is always a controlled one wherever the socialists or communists are in power (this includes the false opposition of parties for public consumption); either through mass media manipulation or outright police state intimidation of those whose interests directly clash with the state.

This backdrop should be sufficient to contemplate the significance of the following events, which should now be contextualized:

Stalin is reputed to have said that he would “sell the capitalists the rope which he would use to hang them.” But what if the so-called “capitalists,” having bought the rope, now intend to hang everyone else?

See also:

Global Governance Watch – Website and news aggregator on global governance issues.

Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture (European Union: Institute for Security Studies) Theoretical note: A plausible counter-argument that global governance does not lead to world government is made (presumably due to the reality of self-interest, which is not intrinsically an aspect solely inherent in nationalism or capitalism): “The term ‘global governance’ as used in this paper includes all the institutions, regimes, processes, partnerships, and networks that contribute to collective action and problem solving at the international level. This definition subsumes formal and informal arrangements as well as the role of nonstate actors in transnational settings. Regional cooperation may also be regarded as an element of global governance insofar as it contributes to broader efforts. Governance differs from government, which implies sovereign prerogatives and hierarchical authority. Global governance does not equate to world government, which would be virtually impossible for the foreseeable future,  if ever.”

Global Governance Project Quote: “The Global Governance Project ( is a joint research programme of thirteen European research institutions that seeks to advance understanding of the new actors, institutions and mechanisms of global governance. […] The Global Governance Project is co-ordinated by the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam…”

Global Leadership in Transition (Brookings Institution) Quote: “Global Leadership in Transition calls for innovations that ‘institutionalize’ or consolidate the G20, helping to make it the global economy’s steering committee.”

Human Rights: A Moral and Material Business Concern

Congress Should Renew the Report Requirement on U.S. Contributions to the U.N. and Reverse Record-Setting Contributions to the U.N. (Heritage Foundation)

The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online (Wired 2009)

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  1. Aug 17 2011

    Ok and the increasing ability to observe and manage larger numbers of people provided by tech adds a useful tool for the project, too.
    But pretty soon, the nuclear club will include a growing number of new members. The Moslems and the Russians and Chinese don’t seem too convergent for the moment to my bleary eyes and while the E.U. and the U.S. are enduring a shared (and well-deserved) financial collapse the result ot the boiling in those stew-pots will be a while becoming identifiable, seems to me. With as many political tendencies centripetal as centrifugal. It’s still a chore to herd cats!
    While there is no shortage of powerful folk with something to gain from creating machinery to enforce cooperation, there seems no paucity either of those with a stake in preventing that. And historically, prevention is easier. The scary part for me is the ready reliance from both ends on compulsion with our handy new tech to help. That same tool can help organize masses into a size to compel the attention of the state as someone wrote recently but who knows which way a school of fish will swim or how long it will stay together? At this point, I guess I’m with your “realists” on world government. Take another look after languages, values, laws etc. have coalesced a bit more. For now, as the fellow said: “The center cannot hold.”

  2. Aug 17 2011

    Thanks for the cogent counter-argument, Jack.

  3. Evan
    Jun 10 2012

    How many smokes… George Soros, Dominic Strauss-Kahn, (multi-multi-millionaire) Al Gore, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Marc Zuckerberg its managers of World Goverment, why Al Gore, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Marc Zuckerberg why they ready to pay fair taxes ? Because they will pays tax real WG to FED. kings and managers see what his business is privilege from FED kings, capitalism not exists, exists only privileges from FED, yes exceptions happens but i dont know anyone who stay billioner without help FED kings.
    World Goverment for which you is death for 90% of world population and 90% US population, its new fascism before that even Hitler seems a child. You want this future for their friends and neighbors on the street?


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