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August 15, 2011


America’s Fascist Revolution and The Internet as a Counter-revolutionary Force

by RogueOperator

The abuse of government power for narrow political and economic gain is a dire threat to the republic. Power-accumulation in a centralized government wielding illegitimate control over its constituent states is leading to a crisis that compels one to reconsider the nature of political power and the economic and ideological forces that lead men to abuse it.

What we are experiencing in America is no less than an ideological confrontation between capitalism and socialism; and because of democracy, the result is fascism in practice. In order to get to the gist of the ideological contention between capitalism and socialism, we need a bit of historical background.

At the heart of the matter are the implications of the industrial revolution and the “surplus” wealth generation potential that mass production entails. While socialists believe the means of production should somehow be steered to the end of promoting the public good, capitalists believe that the market can steer production towards the greater good as esteemed by individuals themselves, who personally pay the costs in terms of labor or capital for desired goods and services.

There is a conundrum in the industrial-capitalist system of the potential for “overproduction,” a reflection of the economic law of diminishing returns. Capital investment in fixed assets, such as a factory, may lead to the situation where the rapid production of a particular good leads to dramatic capital gains. The produced good or service saturates the market and becomes less in demand over time in light of competition and other factors.

In an era of information explosion due to mass media, producers can harness technology to produce superior goods in a more efficient manner than their competitors, making previous goods obsolete very quickly. Established corporations need greater quantities of reinvestment in new technology to update their increasingly obsolete products to compete with up-and-comers. This leads to a situation where corporations become highly tempted to enlist the forces of government to protect their market share from competitors. It becomes cheaper and easier for established corporations to lobby politicians to tax and regulate their competitors than to continually reinvest and adapt to fight competitors in the free marketplace.

Corporations many years ago undertook steps to head off rising competitors in two ways: 1) Financing political campaigns whose candidates will tax and regulate in an arbitrary, politicized fashion and 2) Buying up media firms to mold political opinion and shelter corporations from public scrutiny. (See Short Little Rebel’s excellent article on ownership of media outlets for more on this.)

For example, John D. Rockefeller established “non-profit” NGOS such as The Rockefeller Foundation to work with the U.S. government to reign in the political culture of freedom.  Socialist radicals flocked to such NGOs (whose non-profit status itself is cause for concern), and eventually took control and aimed them towards promoting cultural marxism. Such leftist control of the agenda of corporations, whose public relations tends to exhibit a synthesis of capitalism and manifest Marxist agendas such as “sustainability,” is rampant to the point that even Wal-mart, of all companies, promotes cultural marxism.  The rope to hang the capitalists with has been sold, the scaffolding has been set, and capitalism is fit to be hanged.

While socialists believe their doctrine to be “revolutionary,” Marxism in practice is nothing less than state control of the means of production to promote the ends of the political class.  Socialism in the modern world is simply a method of economic expropriation, exploitation, and extortion to entrench the political class’ control over a population.

We see a consistent theme in history of billionaires like Rockefeller and Soros getting rich on capitalism and then seeking to both protect their market gains using the state, and as this is accomplished, to translate their capital surpluses into political power.  The Fed is a crucial institution in this regard, as its easy-credit policy leads to stratification of wealth in large banks whose newly issued money is worth more prior to the information of its creation disseminates through the economy; boom-bust cycles; and during periods of economic downturn, the moneyed interests buying up smaller, more illiquid competitors when “cash is king.”

None of this, however, would be possible without the power of the state, and especially, without the complicity of the education system and the mass media.  While universal, public education has been molded by statists to make the average citizen both uncritical and amenable to socialist causes, the mass media have mostly been captured and fashioned as mouthpieces for both corporations and the state.

The picture becomes clearer when one realizes that socialism is a collectivist cause is never realized in practice and leads directly to fascism; this is true whether the socialist agenda is oriented at the national or international level. F.A. Hayek dubbed fascism at the international level as “superfascism” in The Road to Serfdom.

Socialism is the modern secular religion that is an intended replacement for old religions like Christianity; it is an opiate of the intellectuals, who elevate socialist leaders as prophets, and themselves as gods to lead the political community. The demise of socialism as an ideology in the guise of the collapse of the USSR led to the dogma’s instant remolding in the form of environmentalism, the supreme cause for globalists.  The defeat of eco-fascism must be the pre-eminent task for those who are concerned about protecting freedom, indeed, our very lives.

The unforeseen element in the corporate-statist plans is the emergence of The Internet.  The web is a beautiful illustration of the power of a spontaneous order: it is largely unregulated; predicated on classical liberal values of open discussion of ideas; and free market capitalism is embedded in its commercial transactions.

In much the same way as the United States of America was a threat to world tyrants by virtue of its shining example of liberty and free market capitalism, The Internet is a threat to the statist narrative by standing as a counterpoint to the otherwise omnipresent cultural assumption that we need the power of government to survive, let alone thrive.

The Internet is an ideal America – a place of free ideas and free markets, where lies are quickly exposed, and coercion has no place.  It is a place without collectivism in practice; we are all individuals and we seek out other individuals based on common interests, and time and place is no barrier. If there is any way we can salvage America, and thus the free world, it lay in The Internet’s revolutionary potential.

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  1. short little rebel
    Aug 15 2011

    Hi Rogue,

    Here is the biggest problem: the Cybersecurity & Internet Freedom Act which is on the Senate floor even now. It is a complete take over of not only the Internet, but the entire technology sector as a whole by the U.S. government. It is the most treacherous and traitorous bill ever written. And the media (all owned by the people you mention in your article) will not cover its existence. People have no clue about it.

    The internet is, indeed, the last vestige of free communication left to America & the world. If this bill passes, then when trouble comes, we won’t be able to organize ourselves and do anything about it.

    If you haven’t read my article that breaks this bill down, it is located at:

    We need to spread the word and have everyone call their Senators & Representatives. We need to make a big enough stink that the news will have to cover it.

    • Aug 15 2011

      Outstanding work, SLR. Your article is a call to immediate action.

  2. Aug 16 2011

    Rogue, I wish there were more Americans out there like you that used the internet for their news and information. Too many people fall into the trap of believing that the main stream media is fair and balanced when comes to the news it reports on. The socialist agenda needs to be conquered, our founding fathers are rolling in their graves at the state of our government and how far we have regressed. Keep up the good work!

  3. Aug 16 2011

    Congrats on gettin published on American Thinker! Glad to see it.


    • Aug 16 2011

      Much appreciation, Linda! I’m working on more to come. Best regards, Kyle


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