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August 13, 2011


Obamacare Damaged, But Not Defeated

by RogueOperator

While the recent circuit court ruling striking down the individual mandate of the nationalized healthcare bill is an encouraging move in the right direction, there is still much that remains done to make sure this wicked legislation is never implemented.

It would not be an exaggeration to call the statists who passed the national healthcare bill murderers, whether of the first or second rank. National healthcare would premeditatedly put at risk countless of Americans’ lives and deprive citizens of agency over life and death matters that directly concern them.

The Democrats’ debacle of a bill would have us falsely assume that bureaucrats have more interest and competency to make decisions for us than we and our doctors do ourselves. This is a farce, and a hypocritical one; statists have no intention to be held to the same rules that they themselves are to create.

The horror of powerlessly watching a loved one die because another man, with the army of the nation at his back, stands between you and the life-giving services of a physician, whom you would seek to repay in kind with denominations of your own labor, must be truly the most desolate abyss into which the human psyche can descend.

By what legitimate authority could one person be able to prevent another person from acquiring the services of a physician in order to save a beloved family member? No spirit of equality nor argument of the public good could be said to justify a healthcare system that is mandated and which is certain to lead to inferior care.

One must also consider the graft necessary for the bureaucrats to administer the proposed healthcare system, and for citizens to try to get around it. The former is a matter of parasitism; the second is a matter of desperation.

If the national healthcare bill is put into effect, it would directly nullify The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would be thwarted at all levels by faceless bureaucrats at desks possibly thousands of miles away. A key stroke could mean one’s death knell.

The intention of the statists at this point is inconsequential. We need not descend into a realm of spiritual judgment akin to Thanatos weighing the statists’ souls against a feather. Whether their consciences be pristine or entirely base, there have been ample historical cases to serve as fair warning to the statists that such reckless disregard for debt accumulation, unabashed tax enslavement, and wanton centralization of power as they have been exhibiting leads inevitably, without exception, to national ruin and tyranny.

The history of socialistic failure is in fact so stunning that one can only conclude that any nation’s adoption of the socialist program is the result of the statists’ purposeful intention to impose an iron-fisted regimentation of life so rigid that the entire spirit of a people would be endangered of being crushed, along with its productivity, its creativity, and its will-power.

The arrogant and derisive elites’ temptation to engage in limitless paternalism abusing the power of the state is so great that they will not be deterred without threats they can understand. The people need to rise up, confront those who have gotten fat taking their pounds of flesh out of American producers, and demand that the politicians return this country to a Constitutional representative republic.

Those who refuse must be defeated at the polls. If the activist hounds are unleashed against the public to defraud opponents of their voices at the ballot box, then the Constitution gives the statists no weight and no authority to rule whatsoever. The lawless statist is one who has declared war on the American people under pretense of false authority, and as such is a criminal, a would-be despot, and a tyrant to be apprehended and tried in a court of law by the just procedures laid out in The Bill of Rights.

The Constitution will be reinstituted come hell or high water. The statists have not yet begun to see the American people fight to regain their liberty. If the would-be rulers want to propel a nasty deterioration in state-society relations, uphold that this affront to common sense and decency is Constitutional, particularly as adjudged by an admittedly activist justice who advocated that it be forcefully imposed on the citizenry.

We are heading for a perilous day of reckoning should Obamacare not be repealed or abolished, and it is no exaggeration to say America’s life is truly at stake. We have the cancer diagnosed; it remains now to remove it.

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  1. roxannadanna
    Aug 15 2011

    No question that we have a long way to go yet in ridding ourselves of this morally corrupt bill. But I’ll take every win we can get – no matter how small or shaky.

    • Aug 15 2011

      Absolutely, we will take a win where we can get one. In 2012, let’s hope the rout of the progressives as the ballot box continues, and we can gut this bill.


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