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August 11, 2011


The Real Al Gore and The Meltdown of the Manmade Global Warming Myth

by RogueOperator

Eventually, the inconvenient truth catches up with the lies. And when it does, the truly ugly faces of the liars often become unmasked.

And the ugly face of politically contrived climate science is what we saw when high climate priest and seminary school flunk-out Al Gore unleashed an R-rated tirade against anyone who dared question the “science” behind manmade global warming.  In ManBearPig‘s several minute-long, expletive-laden rant, the non-scientist condemns his opponents for using pseudo-scientists to refute his specious claims.

“Pseudo-scientists”? Really, Al? Like the more than three thousand climate “experts” lumped in with the approximately sixty lead authors of the infamous IPCC report who firmly supported the claim that humans are having a significant impact on the earth’s climate?  Including several whose fields are not directly connected to climate science – like mathematics, engineering, and law?

What we should all be asking ourselves now: Is it merely coincidence that the IPCC first assessment report was issued in 1990, the same year  the Soviet Union legally dissolved?  That Al Gore was one of the three chief liaisons to the former Soviet Union during the Clinton years, along with his international politics adviser, the highly suspected KGB-FSB contact Strobe Talbott? And that Clinton national security adviser Leon Fuerth was also highly suspected of having KGB-FSB contact?

So, why exactly didn’t Al Gore inform the United States of Russia’s ties to Iran’s nuclear program in 1995, after the connection was revealed to him by Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin during the heavily criticized Gore-Chernomyrdin commission?

The picture becomes a bit clearer when one recognizes that Al’s pop Al Gore Sr. was patronized by oil magnate Armand Hammer, according to the latter’s biographer Neil Lyndon. Why is this significant? Hammer was a known financier of Soviet espionage in the United States.  According to Jay Epstein’s work Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer, Al Gore Sr. helped make political ties for Armand Hammer and even kept investigators off Hammer’s back.

What are we to make then of Al Gore’s connections with his self-proclaimed socialist mentor Maurice Strong, the mastermind behind the insidious UN Agenda 21? And what should we think about the fact that Gore has made millions, standing to even make a billion dollars, off of hyping global warming? That his investments in manmade global warming lies brought him not only wealth but also fame, even though his jet-setting and luxuriating lifestyle belies that he doesn’t even take his own lies seriously?

Why should we be surprised then when a man who has associated himself with big lies his whole life has a meltdown just as his lies continue to melt under the hot light of public scrutiny?

It turns out that manmade global warming has been nothing more than a manmade global hoax, and radical environmentalism is nothing less than a secular religion intended to brainwash our kids into sacrificing themselves for the benefit of would-be global oligarchs like Al Gore.

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  1. Preceptible Future
    Aug 12 2011

    The “Nutty” left just love to enslave themselves. Non-Thinkers who follow people like Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Jong Il, and the rest, to their own detriment.

    Aug 20 2011

    AL GORE is a radical eco-extremists his philonious books and fake documentry are proof that he is out of his mind


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