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August 11, 2011


The Face of Economic Illiteracy at the White House: Unemployment Creates Jobs

by RogueOperator

In a throwback to Nancy Pelosi’s delusional pronouncement that food stamps creates jobs, White House spokesteen Jay Carney has now claimed that unemployment creates jobs.

As previously detailed, government spending does not create jobs. It robs the private sector and leads to less overall jobs for several reasons, including: increased overhead, greater uncertainty, production severed from demand, less overall production, more inflation, deteriorating job skills, not to mention the moral hazard of perverse incentives.

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  1. Aug 11 2011

    Hi RO,
    Pelosi’s wrong.
    If unemployment creates jobs, food stamps therefor must create food not jobs. That’s why we are so f%$#ed up, they just don’t understand. LOL
    Bob A.

  2. Aug 12 2011

    Ah, the genius of the Dems…therefore, if everyone was collecting UC, the economy would, by their lights, be booming. John Hayward remarked at Human Events:

    “It’s a pity we couldn’t have Pelosi herself on the Super Committee, as she’s one of the top economists in the Democrat Party. She’s the one who discovered the mystical stimulus power of unemployment benefits, which she described as ‘one of the biggest stimuluses to our economy,” able to “create jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.’ “

  3. m082844
    Aug 12 2011

    Why does anyone take this nonsense seriously, other than a serious threat to our nation?


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