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August 8, 2011


Gore Hits Fifth Chakra Point in “Bullshit!” Global Warming Rant

by RogueOperator

Looks like the “shared reality” that manmade global warming is “bullshit!” is starting to get to the Chief Carbon Charlatan. Gore’s tirade reinforces my conclusion that destroying environmentalist myths is the single greatest thing we Americans can do to stop leftism.

While cultural marxists seek to destroy Judao-Christian culture and capitalism, they are betting that “greenism” will fill the evacuated void. But if radical environmentalism becomes endangered, the moral legitimacy of the left will largely go with it. This is because the crypto-commies have no readily available “secular religion” like Marxism or radical environmentalism to tap for the left’s braindead zombies to follow.

This gives me the occasion to share a passage written by social scientist John Harsanyi in 1960:

One of the reasons why explanation of social phenomena in terms of economic forces is often so fruitful lies in the fact that the economic system is one of the main channels through which the natural environment [emphasis mine] (in particular, the presence or absence of natural resources and of natural routes of communication) acts upon the social system.

Surely, some compact flourescent lightbulbs went off in the statists’ heads who read that passage.

Speaking of which, there was a comical anecdote about the House Republicans actually doing something productive for a change and rebuking Madame Pelosi’s new “greening the capital” initiative. The Wicked Witch of the West Coast was looking to spend hundreds of thousands more in tax payer dollars making Washington D.C. “greener,” which last year saved the emissions equivalent of taking one American car off the road.

So for $450,000 in savings, we could have just made some hapless bureaucrat car pool and attained the same results? Classic clueless leftism.


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