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August 8, 2011

America’s Downgrade is a Reality Upgrade

by RogueOperator

Amazing how little actually changes in a week away from the news, even when one lives under a regime whose norm is a crisis a day.

The Democrats spent trillions more we don’t have.  Republicans capitulated. The news writes itself.

So even as S&P downgrades our creditworthiness, the stock markets nosedive, and “Barackalypse Now” appears nigh, I am pervaded by a sense of calm, not unlike the eerie calm one experiences before a Cat 5 hurricane, or an F5 tornado. A week away on an idyllic beach can provide one with some much needed perspective.

This inner peace is not the same perspective the Ostrichotopia crowd experiences with its perpetual escapism.  The zen comes with the knowledge that much of what we take for granted in America is illusory; therefore, what appears to us as “the sky is falling” is more accurately the terra firma of reality coming up to meet our feet.

Identical phenomena; opposite perceptions.

What kept the American credit rating elevated at the highest level for so long, since 1917 to be precise, is the idea that the nation is exceptional. Capitalism was thought to be strong here, and we could grow our way out of any mess.

But our manufacturing base is now gutted, thanks to draconian environmental and safety regs, and punitive taxation. There is nothing left to grow – we are predominately paper shufflers and prattlers.

We were a nation of builders and doers.  Now we are a nation of dreamers and responsibility dodgers.

So when our Q1 GDP is downgraded to .4%, I shrug it off.  That’s just reality biting.

When QE2 ends and the market recedes, I shrug it off.  The buoy in the tank was never the water level rising, just a little ripple effect.

Why? None of our nation’s policies are leading to us producing anything, and not even close to enough to support our entitlement-greedy baby boomer generation.  We are a consumerist and welfare check-cashing people living on borrowed money and borrowed time.

Our nation will pay the piper.  When economic death comes knocking at the door, I am not going to dishonor my perspicacity by giving Obama’s minions an O-face.  It’s not a surprise.  It was in the tea leaves all along.

Strangle capitalism with socialist policies long enough, hard enough, and eventually some people start thinking that capitalism is the problem. Unfortunately for the current crop of socialists, there are still people around who have lived long enough to experience a semblance of market capitalism and know that it works.

It seems to be a grim reality that in order for the nation to survive, the economy must die before all the remaining patriots do.  Then, it’s just a test of will and determination.

I’m not backing down to the socialists. Will you?


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