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July 27, 2011


The True War for the Republic

by RogueOperator

Non-violent but mobilized action to halt the statists in their tracks will be necessary to sustain the American tea party movement to the election of 2012 and beyond. Yet any turning back of the statist tide will be fruitless without a fuller understanding of the philosophy needed to banish progressive tyranny.

It must be understood by conservatives that, first and foremost, principle is the fuel that feeds the flames of passionate resistance. To strike at the enemy without full knowledge of his deeper philosophical dispositions is to invite fleeting battles in a war that resumes in different guise upon the temporarily vanquished enemy’s return. The defeated statist retreats from the light of exposure, recasts his sophistry, and then continues to wage ideological war against the people using craft and deception.

Our goal as American patriots is not just to win a political victory against the statist by delaying his designs, but to win the war of ideas for ourselves and our posterity. We must do this by refreshing the fountainhead of liberty that supplied this country for over two centuries, as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

There is a reason we got to this perilous point in our nation’s history. Some American people were too ignorant, too gullible, and too apathetic to defend their freedoms from violation by the state over the course of decades. These Americans, through their sheer unwillingness to learn and appreciate the wisdom of the Founding Fathers on a reasonably deep philosophical level, are ultimately responsible for bringing our Republic to impending crisis.

We must now mobilize for action, but we must also foresee reaction. If there is a struggle for power initiated by the statist we must not only defend our liberty but carry out an offensive to win the hearts and minds of all Americans. It is my view that both the shallow traditional conservative and the moderate liberal allow the statist to proceed incrementally until we reach the crisis situation that lay before us now. The solution is to gird our philosophical-political system with an ideology that deprives the enemy of any terrain. In my view, this ideology is objectivism.

The intellectual warrior must realize the implication of adopting philosophical positions and not cede any territory to the enemy. It is only the foot soldier of the revolution who fights the superficial battles of today; the true war for the human mind and the spirit is carried out over centuries in the dusty tomes of Kant and Hegel and Marx and their antitheses in Aristotle and Locke and Jefferson and Rand. The war for the soul of the republic is not won at first with arms, but in the hearts and minds of the people. Even a victory at arms is ultimately the failure of ideas.

If the counter-revolutionaries’ aim is to take the republic intact, and transform it into socialism, our defenders of the revolution should seek to preserve the republic intact.  But even to accomplish this aim, the work would be unfinished.  What remains for the patriot is to deconstruct the entire mythological edifice of socialism and to relegate it to the abyss of forgetfulness, where its smoldering wreckage can adorn hell for all eternity.

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  1. Jul 27 2011

    So true.
    Bob A.

  2. m082844
    Jul 28 2011



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