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July 26, 2011


Sic Semper Obammus

by RogueOperator

Since Obama likes to quote Abraham Lincoln, he might want to try this Goldie Oldie on for size: “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

The same maxim applies to Boehner and the old guard GOP. Neither party trusts the American people to rule themselves, and neither are willing to relinquish control over millions of people’s fates.

The motley crew of narcissists, pathological liars, and common criminals known as government is pushing the country to the brink of insolvency, all in the pursuit of vain glory. The plans the politicians have set forth are hardly serious.

Boehner’s plan is to cut spending by $1 trillion, while promising to cut spending by $1.6 trillion in the future, ‘cross his heart, and hope to die.’ Harry Reid’s plan is almost as risible, as it proposes $1 trillion on fake savings from an already-planned military drawdown in the Middle East, along with an additional $1.7 trillion.

Reid and Boehner – almost seeing sleepy eye to weepy eye? Not a good sign, given that the cryptkeeper Reid is one of the Unholy Triumvirate of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi who exacerbated our debt issues at least four-fold. Just to clarify, Obama QUADRUPLED the deficit of Bush’s last year. Drones need to repeat the word QUADRUPLE to themselves over and over until their Bush hatred fever breaks. Bush is gone.  Good riddance. We have other problems to worry about.

In any event, King Nothing has rejected a bi-partisan deal out of hand.

But all plans seem ridiculous in light of the coming “ultimate debt crisis.” Below are some Congressional Budget Office (CBO) graphics to make the numbers a little more poignant. By the way, the CBO usually make Congress look good by only adhering to static models of growth that do not take into account negative effects of government intervention and resultant uncertainty.

Above is a comparison of CBO’s Extended Baseline Scenario (EBS) and Alternative Fiscal Scenario (AFS). The bottom dashed line is the EBS, and the top dashed line is the AFS. As CBO explains:

[EBS] – The “extended-baseline scenario” adheres most closely to current law, following CBO’s 10-year baseline budget projections for the next decade and then extending the baseline concept beyond that 10-year window.The scenario’s assumption of current law implies that many policy adjustments that lawmakers have routinely made in the past will not occur.

[AFS] – The “alternative fiscal scenario” represents one interpretation of what it would mean to continue today’s underlying fiscal policy. This scenario deviates from CBO’s baseline even during the next 10 years because it incorporates some policy changes that are widely expected to occur and that policymakers have regularly made in the past. Different analysts might perceive the underlying intention of current policy differently, however, and other interpretations are possible.

As I suspected, the AFS is more realistic because it does not appear to factor in any presumed Obamacare savings, as Reason magazine concludes.

Thus, when Obama explains to college Democrats the meaning of the Emancipation Proclamation [video] (h/t Blue Voice), and effectively damns it with faint praise for not going far enough to free slaves, we have to keep in mind that we are listening to a man who is threatening to tax-enslave our children to insurmountable debt.

If spending is not restrained now, we could be looking at tax levels of at least 70% across the board just to sustain government programs and interest on the debt, including if we would gut the military and leave ourselves defenseless to rising powers like China.

As Heritage explains, our tax rates would already need to soar to cover current deficit levels.

It should be apparent to anyone with two neurons to rub together that, pace House jester Barbara Lee, our debt problem is not imaginary. Deficits are racking up, and estimates of future government obligations range anywhere from $50 TRILLION to $100 TRILLION.

Paul Ryan’s graphics do an excellent job of showing how an avalanche of debt will crush this country, if something serious isn’t done about it. They also do not include Obamacare, as the program wasn’t scored by the CBO or OMB at the time the graphics were presented.

The politicians are not coming off unscathed with their shenanigans to present plans that will do very little to curb the kind of spending needed to restrain future debt, future taxes, future indebtedness to government.  The costs come not just in dollars but in opportunities foregone and livelihoods diminished or lost altogether – and people are starting to get that.  These are people’s lives we are talking about, not just dollars.

Politicians are paying a price for their lack of seriousness, particularly Obama himself.  And people are paying attention, which is surprising for seemingly so esoteric an issue.

The bottom line is that the leftists will not be able to complete their stealth socialist coup without public support, and the levels currently are not there.  The Republicans may keep up their feckless, half-hearted opposition, but sooner or later not only the Democrats, but they will also be replaced.

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  1. Reaganx
    Jul 26 2011

    =the bottom line is that the leftists will not be able to complete their stealth socialist coup without public support, and the levels currently are not there. The Republicans may keep up their feckless, half-hearted opposition, but sooner or later not only the Democrats, but they will also be replaced.=

    Come on, the public has put up with this for centuries, what makes you think it will change?

    • Jul 27 2011

      It is changing, but is taking too slow. We are replacing Republicans as fast as we can, while removing Democrats.

      • Mad Mike
        Jul 29 2011

        It’s not just the Dems. There are Republicans who are merely watered down versions of Obama. Mit Romney’s one… Teddy Roosevelt was another… was a good man, but still a progressive. We need to get rid of the progressives within the government. The progressives have infiltrated both parties. The Dems more than the GOP, but still… Beware some of the republicans…

      • Jul 29 2011

        Absolutely agree, Mad Mike.

  2. Reaganx
    Jul 26 2011

    Offtopic: ever seen the L Word, a TV drama series?

    • Jul 27 2011

      No, what’s up? It’s about lesbians, I take it. Sounds fine to me.


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