Oslo Killer Ruffles Feathers in Ostrichotopia

When the news first broke of a Norwegian mass murder, my first glance at the Oslo assassin Anders Behring Breivik struck me that the man was a throwback to the Baader-Meinhoff gang or some commie retread in the mold of the Red Army Faction. After all, Marxists are second only to Islamists in committing senseless acts of terrorist mass murder, according to coding from the MIPT database.

But lo and behold! – we actually have our ever elusive “right-wing extremist” ready to plug into the media meme that all conservatives are only one FoxNews broadcast away from going on a mindless shooting spree.

If this man wasn’t on the DHS payroll, he should have been. Just last week, Big Sis Napolitano’s rag-tag outfit released a propaganda video instructing our nation’s police forces to keep an eye out for whities sporting hoodies and rucksacks. Not really, but that’s what one would conclude from watching the tacky, telemarketing-seminar-worthy training video DHS released. Gee, Sis, that pretty much narrows down our nation’s terrorist training grounds to any college campus in the nation.

What’s in the backpack, Chip? More Locke and Burke? Roger that, we caught the unsub red-handed – transporting unapproved terrorist materials!

While the VHS, oops, DHS video was only slightly less insulting than the crayon-scrawled screed the goons issued on “right-wing extremists” – basically any returning veteran, patriot, Paulitanarian, kid smuggling a copy of The Constitution in a Hustler magazine – the two share one thing in common: Labeling all opposition to the left as “right wing.”

Smearing all opposition to socialism as one monolithic block called “right-wing” is a battle-weary tactic going back to the former Stalinist era, when Uncle Joe set up a false opposition between socialism and fascism.  As Jonah Goldberg points out in Liberal Fascism, both the INGSocs and the fascists competed for the same proletarian hearts and minds: the former, manifestly nationalist, the latter, internationalist.  Same collectivist scumbags, same ambition of forcing everyone into servitude to the state. Only the means varied.

Little-discussed is that American conservatism is a third way, and not associated with either bloodthirsty ideology.  It is the way of individual freedom and liberty from oppressive government.  It is the ideology of “leave me the hell alone!”

But what ties together American conservatives and truly right-wing nationalists in the unnuanced minds of the left is opposition to socialism.  While both conservatives and nationalists are against cultural marxism or multiculturalism, Islamic jihad, and other ideologies hostile to Western Civilization, American conservatives are for restraining government, while nationalists are for collectivist unification and empowering government.  American conservatism is ideologically grounded, while nationalism is reactionary.

The problem with this picture is that the left is intentionally provoking reaction with its classic pushiness and government overreach.  There literally are no bounds to leftism as a “freedom-clearing” destructive force, and cultural marxism has worn down its resistors with political correctness, multiculturalism, and moral relativism.  Cultural marxism has caused two interrelated phenomena to occur and both are explosive.

First, cultural marxists have used the power of media to ridicule, bully, and culturally isolate conservatives.  Political correctness has created an environment in which both leftists and conservatives are prone to extreme outburts: the left from its fetishism for acceptance, and the right from its insistence on judgment, including an unwillingness to accept those who seek to destroy them.  Conservatives crave pushback on the nihilistic and self-immolatory policies of the left, and when none are forthcoming, a desperate sense of helplessness can ensue.  Under the wrong conditions, such as extended unemployment and events leading to personal loss, a psychotic break from reality could potentially occur.

A “lone wolf” like Anders Breivik or Ted Kaczynski could be driven to commit pointless acts of terror accompanied with egomaniacal emancipatory messages.  These people may indeed fancy themselves as martyrs for a cause, but in the end, their initiation of force against innocents makes them mass murderers.  Jared Loughner can be added to this “lone wolf” profile, although the texts that fed his egomania were predominately of the left-wing persuasion.  The message, therefore, is incidental to the act; just as Loughner’s targeting of a Democrat Congresswoman was unrelated to his views, Ted Kaczynski’s use of random bombings was unrelated to his views, and “Islamophobia” was unrelated to Breivik’s attack, as indeed no Muslims were among the victims.

We can conclude therefore, that associating an ideology with an act of terror such as Loughner’s or Breivik’s is spurious at best, malicious at worst.  Repeatedly, the media seize on any act of violence to try to paint the perpetrator as “right wing” – from the attack on an IRS building in Texas, to the despicable association of Palin with Jared Loughner, to Breivik’s association with American “right-wing” conservatives.

What is the left-wing blogosphere’s reaction to Breivik’s manifesto, which condemns cultural marxism and Islam? Ruffled feathers in Ostrichotopia, and pitiful attempts to paint authors like Mark Steyn, who warn of the impending Islamapocalypse, as fear-mongers and hate merchants.

This bring us to the second phenomenon caused by political correctness.  The lack of principled conservatism in mainstream American culture, or nationalism in Europe, has left the gates open for the Islamist trojan horse.  If one has been so blinded by multiculti nonsense that one sees sharia as compatible with a free society, there is really no reason to press this point.  Doing so would only strain the patience of the sane reader.

There is literally no way to get through to the left, because to the depraved mind, all facts and reason are hateful.  That a hateful mind can intersperse facts in a murderous manifesto is even more reason to indict the facts, so it goes in the minds of the left.

It is only a matter of time when not only physical weapons, but mental weapons are outlawed.  The two are equivalent in the cultural marxist view, which sees open war as simply politics by other means. Shooting down the false premises and promises of leftists is equivalent to shooting down innocent women and children on a grassy field. In the lefties’ flight of fancy, reality does appear like mental violence.

The sad thing about this event, in addition to the catastrophic loss of life, is that the left will continue to associate all opposition to systematic terror like political Islam and socialism with hateful acts of rage, such as Breivik displayed.  Not indeed, that anything could ever wake those daydream believers up.

The ultimate point is that wishing for a better world where people aren’t pushed around by the state or by leftist nannies or by Islamist mass murderers is not crazy.  Descending into a world of esoteric nonsense and becoming a mass murderer yourself, is.


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