The infamous video of schoolchildrens’ heads exploding from global warming skepticism is Exhibit A of just how creepy the creeps of Envirowackoville have become. Utterly predictable, because those who adopt a given ideology are driven to fulfill its ultimate demands, often leading to tragi-comic consequences. For environmentalism, that end point is the reverence of “Nature” for its own sake at the expense of humanity.

We are already experiencing hidden genocides as a direct consequence of the mass hypnosis of yuppies under the environmentalist spell; the malaria outbreak in Africa that could have been dampened by the order of millions of lives if Rachel Carson wouldn’t have come along with her crank ideology that exalted the thickness of baby bird shells over the question of whether or not little human babies deserve to live or die.

Then we have the subsidization of corn ethanol, which has government’s typical unintended (or intended?) disastrous consequences, in this case, the starvation and malnourishment of millions of invisible people in faraway lands. And for what? So that we can cut a negligible amount of greenhouse gases from our already negligible contribution to the big blue atmosphere?

This is madness, but it is so regularized and mainstreamed that many don’t recognize it as madness. It is like the majority of people live in a house of mirrors their whole lives and when they finally see the truth reflected in a plane mirror, it appears distorted.

The moral truth is that the end of human life is human life; how to best accomplish that end is the question of political economy. And in direct contradition to the beliefs of the many, it is not collectivism and altruism that edifies life for the greatest number of people, but respect for each individual. The individualist creed entails allowing each man to be who he is and to adapt to his environment in accordance with his nature, while civilizing him through education and the development of rationality.

The mental order of the many is the political order of the whole. The respect for political order, guided by the correct morality, is the foundation of civilization. The protection of property is the mental security needed for people to create and produce without fear. Acknowledgment of the sanctity of the family by society is in accordance with man’s biological nature and emotional needs. War against these basic tenets as the leftist does, with his destructive anti-civilization mentality, giving rise to various ideological manifestations, and society and order, so necessary for individuals to pursue happiness, is undermined. How ideologies either undermine or edify civilization must be understood if people are to take threats more seriously, and tragedies on a massive scale are to be avoided.

Likewise, the avoidance of ideology, as a belief that it is extreme in and of itself, is disingenuous and naive. Pragmatism and nihilism, the former shrugging at ideology and the latter rejecting it, do not absolve man of moral problems. These ideologies themselves only set man adrift to writhe in existentialist fugue. It takes principled opposition to counter today’s next permutation of collectivist “isms” – “radical pragmatism.” Remain oblivious to ideology and you are but flotsam and jetsam in the human Ganges. Principled opposition is required to counter collectivism and its precursor nihilism. Embrace collectivism or allow it to arise through stubborn passivity, and bad things are liable to occur. Adopt the individualist and objectivist ethos in words and deeds and live.


3 thoughts on “Envirowackoville

  1. The climate debate is a “front” in the war with socialism. But unfortunately, they are losing it, so in a desperate attempt to stem the tide, they have revealed some of the truth about their moralism. Or lack thereof. The 10:10 ad, the gas Ovens, tattooing, etc. All show clearly that their ultimate goal is the purifcation of the species. With only “Goodlife” being allowed to serve the new masters. They have no regard for human life, just their own existence.

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