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May 31, 2011

Springtime for Arabs

by RogueOperator

A parody of “Springtime for Hitler” from The Producers:

Tunisia was having trouble
What a sad, sad story
Needed a new ruler to restore
Shariah‘s glory
Where, oh, where’s democracy?
What in the world could that be?
We looked around and then we found
The path for you and me.

Springtime for Arabs and the Middle East
Hezbollah’s happy and gay!
We’re stoning at a faster pace
Look out, don’t doubt the caliphates!
Springtime for Hamas in Syria
Bashir’s not just something we do
Springtime for Egypt and the Brotherhood
Barack told Mubarak to scram
Watch out, Europe
Islam’s going on tour!
Springtime for al Qaeda in Yemen
Mainstream media:
Look, it’s springtime.
Muslim Brotherhood:
Winter for America and Israel
The Democrat Party:
Springtime for Arabs and the Middle East.

Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!

Arab terrorist Akhmed:
Come on, Libyans
Go into your dance!

Arab terrorist Muhammad:
I was born in south Hudaydah, that’s why I up and joined al Qaeda!
Arab terrorist Abdel:
Don’t be stupid, be a martyr, come on young man, start a jihad
Woman in full hijab:
Barack Obama’s coming!
Hail, Obama!
Hail, Obama!

Hail, Obama!
Springtime for Arabs and the Middle East

Hail myself
Hail to the chief
I’m the Kenyan
Who’s out to change history
Hail myself
Tilt your chin
There’s no greater
Dictator ever sworn in!
Everything I do, I do for you!

Yes, we can!
If you’re looking for a war, here’s World War Three!
Hail myself
Shoot your AKs!

Allah Akbar!
Every peacenik stand and cheer!
All you Code Pink…

Hail, myself!
Come on, Move On…
..stand and cheer!
Mainstream media:
Obama’s causing drama
Got those despots on the run
He even bombed Qadaffi’s son
Obama’s killed Osama
Now they can’t say “no” to his demands
They’re freaking out in foreign sands
He’s got the whole word in his hands
Obama’s causing drama

I was just an organizer
A capitalism despiser
Got a call from George Soros
Told me I was president
America was blue
What, oh, what to do?
Hitched up my pants
Saw foreign policy as my big chance
To cause a big distraction
So I launched a kinetic military action
Now Americans are smiling through
Their economy’s contraction!
But it wasn’t always easy…
It was 2011. The masses were clamoring for evidence
Of live birth, long form, no less, what a demand for presidents!
And then I got a big break
Tunisians started burning Peugots. And would you believe it!
They all started chanting democracy. Democracy!
It ain’t no myst’ry
If it’s politics or hist’ry
The thing you got to know it
Ev’rything is show biz
Hail myself
Watch my show
I’m the Kenyan J-Lo
Dontcha know
We are crossing borders
The new world order is here
Make a great big smile
Ev’ryone sing Hail to me
Wonderful me!
And now it’s…

Springtime for Arabs and the Middle East
Democracy’s just hot to me today


Chorus men:
Bombs falling from the skies again
Democracy on the rise again
Obama and chorus:
Springtime for Arabs and the Middle East
Muslim Brotherhood’s on the run no more
Springtime for Arabs and the Middle East

Means that…
Soon we’ll be going…
You know we’ll be going…
Obama and Chorus:
You know we’ll be going to war!!


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